The consultation typically takes part during your first treatment, however, if you have anything you want to discuss via email first, simply state this in your message in my contact form. This part of the process is where we will discuss your preference in brow shape, what kind of look you would like to achieve, and blend your perfect colour. Then I will begin the Bespoke Brow Mapping process, at this stage I take a series of measurements and use the golden ratio formula to create the "perfect brow" for your face. This being said, it is not the absolute final result- a great brow is made with your personal preferences taken into account and we can tweak this outline until you are 100% happy. You are in control throughout and no decision is made without your input, so rest assured you will join me in creating your fabulous new brows from scratch.  It is incredibly important to me that you are nothing but amazed by your brows, so the Microblading process will not begin until we have established a shape that you positively love.


Microblading is a from of cosmetic tattooing, using a tool made up of fine needles- forming a blade-like shape. Tiny precision hair strokes are placed under the skin, mimicking brow hairs. These hair strokes can be used to fill in gaps of sparseness, correct asymmetry or improve your general shape. The sensation is similar to small scratches but it should not cause you too much discomfort as we use a strong topical anaesthetic.

Typically upon finishing the treatment, your brows will look anywhere from 30-40% darker, but your true colour will be revealed a few short days after. The entire treatment, which takes around 2 hours (the Microblading itself taking roughly 30 minutes), will leave you with gorgeously natural & defined brows, lasting anywhere between 8 to 24 months. Results are dependant on lifestyle and skin type. For more information on Microblading and to gage how long it should last for your specific skin type, take a look at my Microblading Blog Posts.


Your touch up is done 4-8 weeks after your first appointment, this is where all of the finishing touches are made. During the healing process of your first visit, your skin will begin to scab- some pigment may be lost in this phase. The touch up appointment is to see if your skin has healed correctly, and to perfect the shape/tone of your new brows. Everybody's skin heals differently, so do not be alarmed if your brows fade more than you had expected- some people hardly need a touch up... others have a lot pigment loss, this is why we do microblading split between two sessions. Many people chose to go lighter in the first session and darken up their brows in the touch up session. It is important to note that Microblading is a two-part process, you will not see final results after one session, fading and uneven pigment after the first session is completely normal. 


The Elite Microblading pigments used in my procedures are all Vegan friendly, Cruelty Free and Free From Heavy Metals and Iron Oxides. I have a wide variety of shades in order to find the perfect fit for your skin tone, complexion and preference.

Treatment Duration: 2h00 (including consultation)

Cost: £199 Initial Treatment.

          £95 Mandatory Touch Up (4-8 weeks later).


*Please note that a non-refundable booking fee is required in order to secure your appointment, the balance of your payment is then payable on the day of your appointment. Should you need to reschedule, you are able to do so up to 72h prior to your appointment, without paying an additional booking fee. You may only reschedule once per booking fee. Please see the price-list for the cost of all Microblading appointments, as these vary dependant on the treatment you are booking*