Glad you've stumbled across me, now let's get to know each other... 

My name is Kitty, and I am a Level 3 Beauty Therapist, Fully Qualified and Insured Elite Microblading Artist and Lash Technician based in Hampshire, UK. 

I am in love with all things brows and beauty, and have a passion for making people feel beautiful. I have worked in beauty related industries for three years, and have been a freelance makeup artist for the past 3 years, including wedding, prom and occasion makeup- my niche being brows, glorious brows!

There is no better feeling to me, than making my clients feel drop dead gorgeous, and knowing that they will wake up glowing every morning with self-confidence... now tell me that's not the best job, ever!

I look forward to meeting you and beginning your brow journey...


                                                              By Kitty

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